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Our journey started in June of 2016. Just a ship, a dream, and iron will.  Here we are 3 years later and we're still working on getting things moving towards building a living history museum unlike anything you have ever seen in the birthplace of the United States.

Our goal is to raise moey to build or purchase a schooner suitable of hosting our living history museum. We plan to have her sail up and down the eastern seaboard. Our travels will take us between Bristol, PA along the Delaware river in the warmer months, and St. Augustine, FL in the colder months.

We need your help to do this though! Three years ago when we started this, our financial supporters backed out leaving the bulk of this firmly on our shoulders, and while we lost the Pursuit due to crowdfunding not being what we needed, we are refusuing to give up on our dream.

We need your help!  Please support, join, volunteer, or donate!

Schedule of Events
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We need Men & Women 18 and older that have an interest in Privateering during one of the most interesting times in our nation's history to add to our crew. Help us keep history alive! 
We try to be as complete as possible with our events schedule. Sometimes life happens though. If you have any questions on what events we will be at please contact us!
Please feel free to donate to the Pursuit and help get her sea worthy once more.
Donations of ALL sizes welcome!
Loyalist or Continental Privateer?
Pirate or Privateer?
Both sides had Merchant "Privateer" Mariners in their employ. Historical documents show more Continental records than British or Loyalist, but they existed. And we are endeavoring to piece together what life was like for both sides of that same coin.
Is there a difference?  Yes... Depending upon what side you are on, your interperetation of the rules of engagement, and whether or not you have a Letter Of Marque.   Not all Pirates were Privateers, BUT all Privateers were Pirates. Many factors made that determination. For some the lines were clear, others not so much.