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Privateers (Pirates) of the Pursuit
The goal of every organization is to raise funds to support what they are attempting to do. We are no different...

The Pursuit wass a grand ship. However, as you can see from the pictures, she needed a fair bit of work.  While we did pool together some of what we needed to bring her back to life, it was not enough. Now we must concentrate on our educational outreach, fundraising at events, and then the search for the right schooner to purchase her and begin the refit and proper training.

On this page there are a few ways you can help us to raise what we need in order to bring the Pursuit back to life!

​Our gofundme page
We had started this particular campaign after our previous one ran what we felt was it's course. This campaign was for getting the Pursuit home to the shores of the Delaware River. Needless to say, we fell short and we lost the Pursuit.

We hope to berth a new ship in Bristol, PA since there are historic ties to ship building in that area. This also keeps us within a reasonable distance to the many other historic sites in the Bucks County and surrounding areas. This is considered our capital campaign. We are also going to be raising funds for a tender to bring to more land locked events.

Other ways to Donate

We are also looking for materials, volunteers, services, and other ways to finance this endeavor. Please contact us for more information by e-mailing Samuel Siegel, our Executive Director at:  [email protected]

PayPal Donations

We have our PayPal account set up to take donations for the Schooner Pursuit as well as a card reader for taking donations (for goods and services, as well as taking donations). 

Flip-Give Platform

Flip-give is a platform where you can do your everyday shopping with hundreds of great brands and we earn the cash back for our cause with every purchase!

Here's the FAQ from Flip-give:   

Here's the Link to our Flip-Give paltform:

Fundraising Actions
We shall be launching some fundraising actions to better finance repairs for the Pursuit.
In this section you will find the fundraising ideas for various parts of the ship.

As each campaign becomes live, you will see it in a list below.

Supporting Crew

Supporting Membership

For $10/month or $100/year (That's 2 monthss free!) you will receive monthly event updates, bi-monthly newsletters, merchandise discounts, and discounts when the museum opens.
For $25/month or $250/year (That's 2 monthss free!) you will receive monthly event updates, bi-monthly newsletters, merchandise discounts, discounts when the museum opens, an invitation to join us aboard our rechristening, and discounts on Charter tours (when we become operational). Should you choose this option, we also invite you to become a historic interpreter and take part in reenactments with us. we can provide training you if you are not familiar with the history or our mission.

For Investors

The Offer

PDF Files

Donations will only get us so far with getting the Pursuit seaworthy again. 

For this to become reality we need serious financial backers. Our initial investors backed out early on in the project before we had a chance to get everything ironed out. 

We realize that you, as an investor, need us to meet certain criteria and also need certain reassurances that the funds are going to a just cause and will be used appropriately
and responsibly.  

​This section is here to answer some of your questions and let you peruse who we are, what our plans are, and to see if it is a fit
for your plans.
Ultimately this is up for negotiation, however we must start somewhere.

If you are seriously investing in our endeavor we would offer a partnership of sorts. Serious investors will be offered a seat on the Board of Directors.

All other information can be seen in our business proposal and other documents to the right. 
Projected Financials of the TSPHS Endeavor.
TSPHS Executive Summary
TSPHS Slide Deck
TSPHS Business Proposal