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Privateers (Pirates) of the Pursuit


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Historic Sites, Museums, & Societies

Here are a few historic site's we have visited & taken part in events at:

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation:
Fort Mifflin:
Hope Lodge:
Marcus Hook Preservation Society / Plank House:

Morgan Log House:
Paoli Battlefield:
St. Augustine Pirate Museum:
Washington's Crossing:
Yorktown Waterman's Museum:

Other event sites

Belmar, NJ:
New Hope, PA:
St. Augustine, FL:
York County, VA:


St. Augustine Textiles (Historically Accurate goods):
St. Augustine Pirate Store:
Deerhearts Doodads (pirate accessories):
The Progressive Tailor:   E-mail: [email protected]
Townsends (Historically accurate): 
Track of the wolf (black powder supplies):

Basic List of Sutlers
Safe loading and handling of Flintlock Muzzleloading Firearms
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How to make proper cartridges